Side of Billy's Bar-B-Q Lexington, KYIn 1978, two young fellers, Billy Parham and Bob Stubblefield, decided it was time that the good folk of Lexington was permanently introduced to the taste of real pit barbecue. Since the boys was from West Kentucky, where barbecue is king, they had some little bit of an idea about how to do it. But, guess what? They had some friends in Murray, Mayfield, Paducah, and Owensboro who volunteered to help them learn how to barbecue, but it took many months of testn’ and tastin’ (and several pounds and inches later) before Bob and Billy were ready for action. So, with a stroke of genius…er…uh…luck, the rest is history – the duo opened Billy’s BAR-B-Q for bidnuss in August of 1978.Since then, lots has changed – we have kept honing our barbecue skills until they are dang near perfect. Friends and employees have come and gone, but all have left something behind. So, right now we’re fixin’ to get ready to acknowledge the contributions of many current and past employees, known reprobates, friends, and derelicts who have helped Billy’s BAR-B-Q succeed during our first twenty-one years. First and foremost, my ol’ buddy LD Roberson of Roberson’s HiBurger Inn in Murray taught me how to barbecue West Kentucky-Style. For his friendship, I’m very lucky. I want to thank several folks for their specific contributions: Billy, the Blitz; Charlie Parham, the Pork Tenderloin; Billy Early, our Beer Cheese; Marty McMahon, the Frickles; Burt Douglass, his Mexican Cornbread; Mrs. Smith, her Cobbler; Pat Attkisson, his famous Reggae Rib Rub; the Ho, her homade Lemonade; John and Terry Taylor, his Cole Slaw and her Green Beans: Chris Soon, the Chili; Mary Gail Engle, the honey mustard; and especially my Mom, Charlotte, for her Corn-Light Bread, Black-eyed Peas, and just for being my Mom. All right, mighty fine!For their general contributions, Janey Stevenson must be forever praised for her tirelessOutside of the Billy's Bar-B-Q efforts to keep the books straight; David DeLong can be forever thanked for his humor; Jerry Richey for being the company knucklehaid; David Taylor for the patio, catering expertise, and general beer-drinking talents; a very special thanks to Steve “Big Daddy” Blount for his tireless and dedicated service for about two decades; and the following for their many contributions that I can’t remember: Victor Tuttle, Craig and Spencer Brown, J.P, Matt Rudd, Lee Ann Huston, Marcus Pitus, Jim McMillen, Steve Carson, Eric Christianson, Bob Calmes, Carol Richey, “The Beast”, the Red Wiggler and Kingfish Reid, Newton Vance, Nicole Van Alstine, Rob and John Coney, Steve, Pat, Lynn and all the rest of them Lexington Catholic kids who helped our favorite years.Beyond all these folks, Billy’s gives the biggest thanks to our loyal and wonderful customers who have supported us through the years.


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